For Goodness Grape Lip Tints {review}

I have gone a bit crazy lately for lip tints. And some of my favorites that I have found are from For Goodness Grape. And let me just say, it is about time I have a For Goodness Grape review up on this blog because this shop is amazing! Warning: This post might be a little picture heavy!

{the tints}

I have found that the textures for these lip tints vary. Some go on thick and creamy while others are light and glossy. I haven't been disappointed yet, although I do prefer the ones with a thicker consistency. They feel like they offer more protection and stay on longer. However, the lighter ones offer more gloss. Really, both are fantastic!

The colors of the lip tints are gorgeous. If you check out the For Goodness Grape shop, you will see she has a huge variety of colors. All of the ones I have tried have been wonderful. They offer just the right amount of color and look fantastic in a "your lips but better" sort of way!


L-R: American Beauty, Barbie, Berry Bright, Bitten, Mystery Macabre, Vivien

Instead of just trying to describe colors to you, I thought it might be easier and better to also show you! I took photos of how the tint colors look on me. All the photos were taken in natural, afternoon lighting!

Before, without lip tint

Here's the before shot of my lips without any lip tint on! And in case you're wondering, that's a vertical labret piercing! Which I love, but I always have to be careful to not get any lip tint on it. :)

American Beauty lip tint

American Beauty - I love the brightness of this lip tint. It is a lovely pink that is meant to be flattering on anyone, which I think it would be! It also has some great sparkle!

Barbie lip tint

Barbie - In the tube, this tint looks like a super bright pink. But on the lips it is very sheer. The sheer wash of hot pink though ending up being a very wearable color. I always have this one with me!

Berry Bright lip tint

Berry Bright - This color made me fall in love with lip tints! It definitely is a bright color and offers great coverage. It is a bit of a bold color and looks brighter indoors, without natural lighting. I'd say it's the closest to hot pink of all the colors I have. It's my favorite color so far!

Bitten lip tint

Bitten - This lip tint is supposed to give that bitten lips look. I think for my lips, it would have to be a bit darker to accomplish that. However, I love the pretty pink color it gives my lips.

Mystery Macabre lip tint

Mystery Macabre - Of all the tints I ordered, this one is the darkest. In the tube it looks like a dark blood red, but on my lips it is a sheer wash of red. Sexy color!

Vivien lip tint

Vivien - This lip tint doesn't offer a a whole lot of color. As you can see, it is very light on my lips. But it does have a great gloss and what you can't see is the beautiful shimmer it has also!

{flavors + ingredients}

Most of the lip tints come without flavoring. The Berry Bright comes cherry flavored though, which is a great basic cherry. However, in my last order I requested some flavorings for the tints I ordered. There was an extra fee to do so, but it was worth it! The flavors are also available in the lip balms. The flavors I requested were:

Bubblegum - This is a great pink bubblegum scent. It smells just like Wrigley's Extra Classic Bubble. There's even a sweet taste!
Cotton Candy - This is a light and sweet scent. Not overly sweet like some cotton candy scented things can be.
Cherub - This is strawberry champagne scent. I can definitely smell the sweet strawberry scent but it also smells floral. It's quite strong and I don't particularly care for it.
Vanilla Milkshake - This is a bright and ultra sweet vanilla scent without being buttery. Great scent for a lip tint, as I see vanilla scented anything being neutral.

Ingredients include shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, cetyl stearyl alcohol, olive oil, beeswax, olive fruit oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, glycine soybean lipids, lauryl laurate, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, vitamin e, mica, and pigment.


I am seriously in love with For Goodness Grape lip tints. They offer great coverage with such flattering, gorgeous colors. They feel great, they look great, so what's not to love? If you're interested in lip tints go check out For Goodness Grape! There's a color (or two or three or...) for everyone!

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